General medicine

  • general health check-up on a three years term covered by German public health insurances
  • J1 = health check-up for teenagers between 12 and 14 years
  • lung function test (spirometry)
  • DMP (Disease Management Programme for chronic diseases such as diabetes, coronary
    artery disease, obstructive lung disease - COPD, Asthma)
  • skin cancer screening
  • laboratory blood/urine/stool testing
  • abdominal ultrasonography (incl.abdominal aneurysm screening)
  • vaccinations (STIKO)


  • Echocardiography*
  • Vascular ultrasound/Doppler of the cervical vessels*
  • Resting- and exercise-ECG (ergometry)
  • 24h ECG (Holter) - monitoring up to 7 days
  • 24h bloodpressure monitoring

*for private patients or at private cost

Travel medicine

Before leaving for a close or far away destination we offer medical travel advice based on the guidelines of the German Tropical Medicine Society (DTG). You will get an individual vaccination schedule and recommendation for malaria prophylaxis as well as preventive measures for specific health hazards in connection to your destination.
All vaccinations -incl.yellow fever- can be given at our medical office. Please bring your vaccination card.

-WHO yellow fever vaccination centre

-Preliminary checks for study/work abroad in context of organisations such as
Weltwärts-Auswärtiges Amt/Kulturweit